Embracing the human element of process

Business processes involve people. Effective business process improvements and innovation gain traction when the people who implement the processes are fully engaged and choose to embrace positive change. Operational excellence moves people from mere compliance to ownership and commitment. Leadership Transformation is for leaders who embrace the journey necessary to excel, innovate and master the ability to lead change. InitiativeOne helps leaders build a bridge from strategic leadership to effective engagement and execution. The process equips leaders to create true champions and reduce the drama that hinders results.


Situation: While in an uptrend market, U.S. division of world’s leading agricultural equipment and chemical company had experienced flat growth two years consecutively. Senior leadership team lamented over its own ineffectiveness.

Process: InitiativeOne provided an in-depth assessment of leadership issues that were undermining organizational performance. InitiativeOne worked intensely with its top two leadership tiers in both leadership development and business planning. 

Return: In two years, the division went from seventeenth in per capita performance to first among eighty-six business segments. The senior leadership team remained intact throughout the process. Division President was promoted as head of global organization.


Manufacturing & COnSTRUCTION CLient List

International Truck and Engine Corporation
Mayfield Dairy Farms
Metal Flow Corporation 
Beck Aluminum
United States Steel
Continental Homes
The Development Group
The Macerich Corporation
Richey Construction

GEA Houle, Drummondville, Quebec Canada
GEA Norbco-Syracuse, NY
Wisconsin Warehousing Specialists Inc.
ACE Building Supplies
High Caliber Construction
TrueDie, Inc.
C. Laney and Sons Construction
Autocar, LLC.
Superstition Crushing Company
Westcor Development
Westcor Partners 

GEA Westfalia Surge:
North America
South America
Naperville, IL
GmbH, Bonen Germany
do Brasil-Sao Paulo, Brasil
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