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Leadership EVENTS

Upcoming Events:

iOne Think Tank | Accountability

Join us Thursday 10/25 as Brandon Buck of InitiativeOne, leads a collaborative presentation and discussion. This is a local event only and will not have an online component.

Thursday - October 25th 7:30PM MDT
Boise, ID


Dr. Fred Johnson will be delivering a Ted Talk at the inaugural TEDxUW-GreenBay event!

Thursday - November 1st
Green Bay, WI

iOne Think Tank | "Fred Talk" Mirror Leadership

Following his engagement with TEDxUW-GreenBay, Dr. Fred Johnson will share his Ted Talk presentation with the group. This will be an interactive discussion to revisit the topic of Mirror Leadership - would your family recognize the person you are at work? Dr. Fred has new stories and case studies and looks forward to sharing them with you!

Friday - November 2nd
7:30am CDT
Green Bay, WI & Online

iOne Think Tank | Leadership Police

Sometimes your day may look like a constant obstacle course of fire fighting issues and policing others. How do you find the balance of accomplishing goals, leading well, and dealing with challenges? Dr. Fred Johnson will discuss accountability and how it can raise the level of heightened problem solving and impactful decision making... which leads to less fires and incidents and better results!

Friday - December 7th 7:30am CST
Green Bay, WI & Online